We will guide your land through the planning process to obtain planning permission and unlock its value at our own cost and risk.

Planning policy and the workings of Local Authorities can be hard to navigate. Obtaining an implementable and marketable planning permission is often expensive and tricky and requires capital to be put at risk.

M&G partner with landowners under planning promotion agreements. These are a form of agreement that provide landowners with the technical expertise and financial support they require to obtain planning permission for development on their land.

Promotion agreements can be used on any scale of site but they are typically used where the anticipated planning timeframe is protracted, often over several years, or where the permission being sought is not straightforward.

A broad indication of the steps involved in planning promotion agreements is provided below.

1. M&G share the promotion strategy with the landowner.

The strategy may involve preparation of an immediate planning application or promotion through the Local Plan process. This will depend on the context of the land within the local planning landscape.

2. Promotion agreement entered into.

M&G work with our landowner partners to agree equitable terms and can suggest appropriate specialist legal and tax advice if necessary.

3. M&G appoint professional team at our expense.

M&G direct professional team and collate technical evidence required for the planning promotion. We liaise collaboratively with the Local Authority to ensure the planning process runs as smoothly as possible.

4. M&G submit planning application.

M&G ensure that community engagement is taken seriously and we seek to work with local stakeholders throughout the process. We always work towards submitting applications in a timely manner but never at the expense of the full and proper supporting technical evidence.

5. If necessary, M&G will go to planning appeal.

M&G always seek to obtain planning permission at the local level. Sometimes this is not possible, and a site can be refused permission at planning committee. In this event, M&G will fund and produce detailed evidence to present to the independent Planning Inspector in support of an appeal.

6. Planning permission received and land sold.

M&G will work with a specialist land agent to market the land once a permission is obtained. M&G have good working relationships with the major housebuilders and know how to present a planning permission and structure a deal in order to maximise the final land receipt. The land receipt will then be split in accordance with the terms in the promotion agreement.

The M&G Approach

A personal approach to land promotion

We carefully tailor strategies that fit with the objectives of our landowners. All projects are personally managed by Directors. Each and every site we promote is important to us.

We are very well funded through private investment

M&G have the financial ability to take on complicated, major sites in their early stages and promote them all the way through the planning process including Appeal (if necessary).

Professional & collaborative

We do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to planning. Nor is ‘planning by appeal’ the default. Our starting point is always to work with the multiple stakeholders involved, rather than against them.

Immediate decisions

Personal Director involvement means no lengthy board approval processes on spending decisions or otherwise. When we commit, we are able to move quickly.

We know what drives value

At the forefront of every promotion agreement is our focus on maximizing the final land receipt. We understand what housebuilders want and we know how to deliver valuable planning consents.

Hand-picked professional team

We work with a very high calibre selection of technical consultants. In each case we ensure direct lines to the right people at the Local Authority.

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