What We Delivered

  • Town Centre Brownfield – Former Rope Factory.
  • Challenging design and layout issues owing to nearby commercial/industrial estate.
  • Liaised with appointed architect to arrive at high density development of 27 apartments and 18 cottages set around a central landscaped garden. The close by industrial estate was shielded by the 4 story ‘wharf’ style single aspect apartment building.
  • Appointed contractors and oversaw the substantial construction project which included; piled foundations, undercroft parking, compliance with 4 story progressive collaspe regulation, adoptable roads and sewers.
  • Incorporated residents management company dealing with issue of shares and management affairs prior to handover to residents following last sale.
  • Fitted out show apartment and show cottage and devised an effective marketing campaign with the appointed estate agents leading to rapid property sales and conclusion of the development.